Would Jesus take the vaccine?


Last week a Facebook friend posted a message in which he asked how to deal with the increasing polarization around vaccination and the corona approach of the government. In the comments to this post, the polarization became immediately - sharp and painful - clear. One of the responders asked whether Jesus would also have taken an injection. His answer was immediately added: 'No way!'.

Vaccinated Christians who are allowed to go on holiday again

Now I don't want to doubt the intentions of the questioner, I trust him. But on the one hand were mentioned 'Christian friends who have just received the coveted vaccine, who are allowed to go on holiday again and sometimes proudly announce it, with photo and all'. On the other hand, Christian friends were mentioned who "send many links that show a darker and dreary picture." And: 'they don't talk about holidays but about how to prepare for a dark future'.

With all due respect (sincere), but isn't this just slightly polarizing? Christian friends who have been vaccinated and are allowed to go on holiday, in contrast with Christians who are not talking about a holiday at all, but only about a bad future? Light versus darkness. Lightness versus discretion. “How do we deal with this as a church and as Christians?” was the question.

Of course, the responses to the Facebookpost came quickly. Some more polarizing, others more nuanced. Someone wondered if Jesus would take an injection. He himself was convinced that Jesus would never do this. I couldn't get this comment out of my head anymore.

Would Jesus take an injection?

Would Jesus...
Would Jesus have made such a post? Would Jesus also react so furiously to people who get vaccinated? Would Jesus have taken such a strong stand? Would Jesus have devoted entire epistles to this? Would Jesus also have scoured the internet for all kinds of theories? Would Jesus…

Christians who don't know too well

I speak to sincere Christians who don't know too well either. Many of them have since been vaccinated, for various reasons. Not infrequently because they try to protect other people with whom they have contact. Because they deal with vulnerable groups. Sometimes because they can travel again, for example because they are missionaries (and risk their lives for others). Some are vaccinated for their families, some for themselves because of a fragile health and yes, sometimes also to be able to live somewhat 'normally' again.

Deciding on others
I also speak to Christians - and non-Christians for that matter - who also don't know very well, who choose not to be vaccinated now. Because they have their own reasons and considerations. But, are we going to decide who can and cannot be vaccinated now? Are we going to measure people? When you work in healthcare it's okay to get vaccinated, but if you do it - and you share a photo too - so you can travel again, we will judge you?!

Jesus would...
Could Jesus have taken an injection? Jesus would have listened, delved into people's lives. He would have been patient, he would have loved. Jesus would have asked to believe in Him. He wouldn't have judged people. He is said to have called for humility, to speak of forgiveness and to have an eye for the poor, the sick, the weak. Jesus would have valued the interests of others and valued people.

Jesus would have loved.

Can we please talk about this again? That we go together again to make His light visible in this world? By imitating Him in what we do know about Him? How about we stop the polarization and reconnect? As His followers? Together?

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