Don't forget the Russians

Don't forget the Russians

A Russian friend urgently asks for prayer. For her uncle and his family in Ukraine. And for her parents in Russia. "They are frightened."

Thursday morning, February 24, 2022, everything changed for many Ukrainians, as the reality of war had reached their front doors. The consequences are far-reaching. Although the situation is dire, Christians - inside and outside Ukraine - shine brightly the light of Jesus in this darkness. Not just in Ukraine.

Major concerns
Larissa* - the friend this is about - currently lives in Italy because of her work. So far she has managed to keep in touch with both her parents in Russia and her family in Ukraine. But the concerns are great. On both sides of the border. Because of the threat of nuclear weapons, the further curtailment of freedoms, the economic situation and a possible further escalation of the war. What will be the consequences for her family in Russia? What will be the consequences for her family in Ukraine? Her uncle said today: 'Ukraine is on fire'. Her parents are waiting for the inevitable consequences of all this.

Larissa*: 'I feel burdened and I am ashamed to ask for prayers for Russia, because they are not (yet) bombed there. But there is no future for the people, no freedom for all of them. They are eliminated now, excluded from society. That hurts a lot.”

Do what we can
Let's pray for Ukraine. Let's do what we can to help the Ukrainian people in every way we can. But let's not forget the people of Russia either. Ordinary people who don't want this war and never wanted to. People who have been indoctrinated for years in a country where fundamental freedoms have come under increasing pressure. Where independent media and social organizations are increasingly sidelined. Where political opponents of the regime are prosecuted on false charges. Where there is no longer an independent judiciary. Let's not forget the Russians either.

Larissa* wrote: “Despite everything, I feel incredibly blessed to know Jesus and have a wonderful 'church family'. Here in Italy and in other countries where people sympathize and pray. Our God is our strength. It's so incredibly encouraging that so many people are involved in this way these days.”

Pray along
Powerful and fervent prayers were held in the church in Italy last Sunday. For Larissa* in Italy, for her parents in Russia and for her family in Ukraine. Let's pray with them!

Hans Borghuis

* For privacy reasons not her real name.